The Mission of the Wayne Trace Local School District is to prioritize the philosophy of One District-One-Mission-One Vision.  Wayne Trace is committed to educational excellence that will help all students achieve at their  highest level and to graduate with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become thinking, productive citizens in a changing global society, this is accomplished through a system which supports community values and integrates community, technology, and educational resources delivered in a safe environment by a caring staff.

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Superintendent’s Message – June 2015

On behalf of the Wayne Trace Board of Education, congratulations go out to the seventy-nine members of the Wayne Trace Class of 2015.  High school graduation has always been an important rite-of-passage in our great country, and the next several years following graduation are critical years in the lives of our young adults.   As noted in last month’s newsletter, thousands of jobs just in the state of Ohio are currently unfilled due to a lack of properly trained and skilled employees.  Many of these jobs require employees who have advanced computer skills, making it critical that men and women acquire the skills and training needed to compete for these positions.  This year’s graduates will have the opportunities over the next several years to get the skills and training needed to fill these demanding, and often times high-salary positions.  With that said, let’s all do our very best to encourage our young people to pursue higher education and to take this opportunity very seriously.  College students who attend class on a regular basis are much more likely to earn a degree and develop the skills needed to be gainfully employed for years to come.

Speaking of computer use, we are finishing up our first year of the 1:1 program at the JH/HS and our first year of having a computer available for nearly all elementary students on a daily basis.  Many thanks go out to our technology department, under the leadership of Mr. Jerry Hessel and Mrs. JoEllen Sisson, for their diligent work in helping to make this happen in our school district in a relatively short period of time.  Technology continues to move at lightning speed, and we are doing our best to move our students along at the current pace.  Like all decisions, we will constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our technology program so that our students remain competitive in future school years. 

In further curriculum news, we are very pleased to announce that our on-line learning lab, housed in the JH/HS building, will begin its third year next fall.  Under the direction of Mr. Dave Alt, this program is an available alternate path for earning high school credits in a nontraditional format.  This program is also an available alternate path for earning college credits without stepping foot on a college campus.  In the lab’s first two years, we have averaged close to twenty college-bound juniors and seniors taking over thirty on-line, college-level courses through the on-line lab.  Several college credits have been earned by our students while remaining in the safe confines of our brick and mortar building.  In addition to earning high school and college credits, other available courses through this format include ACT prep classes, credit recovery classes, AP classes, and perhaps even summer school and other make-up courses.  Students enrolled in this program are full-fledged Wayne Trace students who are, or could become, eligible for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.  Students and parents interested in this option are encouraged to contact Mr. Alt in the high school office.

Congratulations go out to our performing arts department for several nice concerts to close the school year.  Band and choir concerts at the JH/HS, along with spring programs at our elementary schools, all brought out very nice crowds.  Directors Miss Sharon Spinner, Miss Louise Vranesevic, and Mrs. Ann Wieland, along with musical accompanist Mrs. Joni Wenninger, continue to bring fine music education to our students.  Thanks also go out to the Wayne Trace Performing Arts Association for their continued financial assistance in the areas of music, performance, and drama.   

In a calendar news, we are still on track for June 4 to be the final day of school for students in grades PK-11, with a two-hour early dismissal planned for that day.  However, in the event that we have another weather-related delay and/or cancellation, this plan could change.  Should that happen, we will do our best to be sure you know the new plan in a timely manner.

In closing, I’d like to express my gratitude to the Wayne Trace community for what I believe has been another excellent year serving as your superintendent.  Educating our young people and teaching them to become productive citizens is a team effort with constant communication needed between school and home.  For our young people to be successful, everyone must work together for the same goal.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about your child’s educational experience at Wayne Trace, feel free to contact your building principal or superintendent.

Go Raiders!


Stephen Arnold, Superintendent




Wayne Trace JH-HS recently held its' 2014 Staff Hall of Fame induction prior to the Edgerton football game. Superintendent Stephen Arnold is shown with inductees: Jim Sponsellor, accepting on behalf of the late Mr. Harold Sponseller who served as a superintendent, teacher and coach at Payne Local School from 1927-1969, and Mr. James McElroy, who served the Wayne Trace District from 1970-2000 as a teacher and audio/visual director.


Attention: Federal Court Instructs Ohio Districts

A U.S. District Court has ordered that 2013-2014 school year records from the Ohio Department of Education’s Educational Management Information System be turned over to Disability Rights Ohio as part of an ongoing lawsuit.

Under the
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, families of students whose data will be released must be notified and given the opportunity to object. The court is instructing all local education agencies to post notice about this opportunity to object on their district websites and in a central location, accessible to the public, in each building that is open to the public.

The court must receive objections no later than September 12, 2014.
Students’ names, addresses and social security numbers are not part of the information to be released. Ohio is one of only three states that do not allow their departments of education to collect this data, to protect student privacy.
Data to be released for each student include student ID number, school name, grade, gender, race, age and disability category. The records also reveal student performance on the state’s Ohio Achievement Assessments and Ohio Graduation Tests, as well as tests related to Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Student suspensions and expulsions also are listed.

The data is subject to a protective order, which means Disability Rights Ohio cannot publicize it.

Questions should be directed to the Ohio Department of Education’s legal office at 614.466.4705.
Complete information is available at The notice document is available at

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